Anger Management: 6 Critical Steps to a Calmer Life

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Anger Management is a practical and down-to-earth program that will teach you not only to understand your own anger but, perhaps just as importantly, how to deal with the angry behavior of others. It details the role anger and conflict play in day-to-day interactions at home, at work, and in social environments. Real-life examples discuss anger that erupts in intimate relationships, on the road, on the job with co-workers, or when dealing with people who are rude, irritating, or intimidating. Anger Management also provides two unique sections. The first describes the psychology and behavior of predatory people; the other teaches you how to deal with situations where remaining “cool under pressure” can be a vital survival tactic. Anger Management is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-follow anger-management programs available today. It is the ultimate self-help guide, but also an invaluable resource for corporate human resources departments in any business where tension and conflict occur during negotiations or in customer-service interactions.


The Career Press, by Peter Favaro, PhD

Identify What’s Setting You Off and Why
Find the Calm While Navigating the (Inevitable) Storm
Relinquish Toxic Anger in Your Life – For Good!)

From the introduction by the author: “I am convinced that anger is an epidemic problem both in the larger world and in our homes and workplaces. I’ve written Anger Management not as a technical work describing the social science of anger, but as a practical work intended to help people understand their own anger and the anger of others. …By reading this book, you will learn that managing your anger is a series of skills that (you) can learn over time…With this program, (you will) learn to raise the temperature we often refer to as “the boiling point”-that moment at which reason is consumed by rage.” Anger may well be the number one problem in modern society. If left unresolved, it distorts people’s perception of reality, negates happiness and serenity, can cause depression and addictive behaviors, reduces resistance to illnesses, and cause a wide variety of self-destructive behavior. In the extreme, it explodes in physical or emotional violence, which ultimately breeds more anger and more violence.


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