Black Fatherhood: Reclaiming Our Legacy

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Dr. Ivery talks about the importance of instilling a value system and emphasizes ways in which fathers can have optimal relationships with their children. The book also delves into our current society and examines how it’s affecting African-American communities and families, as well as how we can overcome this. This book is an indispensable guide for fathers and children alike that will surely strengthen any family’s bond.


By Curtis and Marcus Ivery

Beaufort Books

This one of a kind book aims to highlight the importance of being a present father while breaking the stereotype that surrounds Black fatherhood. Written by Dr. Curtis L. Ivery and his son Marcus, the book is a blueprint for being a successful family man as well as a model African-American man. It’s also an account of the current state of the African-American community and family, which is increasingly viewed as disconnected and falling apart. Riddled with quotes by celebrated leaders, including Frederick Douglass, Bill Cosby, and Nelson Mandela, the book provides tips on how to be a father each day, every day.