Exploring Auras

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With the easy, proven tools and techniques in Exploring Auras, you will learn how to:
Develop the subtle sensory perception to see or sense auras.
Overcome ”psychic – sponge – syndrome”, over – sensitivity, and psychic vampirism.
Develop spiritual self – defense, auric protection, and self – reliance.
Increase power, balance, focus, and clarity in your energy field.
Heal and release dense vibrations in your environment.
Release attachments and addictions crystallized in your energy field.
Cut psychic ties and cords to create healthier relationships.
Overcome psychic nets, clamps, plates, hooks, tentacles, arrows, jails, holes, leaks, armors, masks, shells, entities, environmental static, and geopathic zones.
Heal and augment energy fields through intuitive dowsing, color, sound, breathing, movement, meditation, affirmation, visualization, and energetic sexual practices.


Dr. Susan Shumsky has dedicated her life to helping people take command of their lives in highly effective, powerful, positive ways. She is the multiple award-winning, best-selling author of 14 books, published by Simon & Schuster, Random House, Red Wheel, and Skyhorse. A pioneer in the human potential field, she has spent 50 years teaching thousands of people meditation, prayer, affirmation, and intuition. Her book titles include Miracle Prayer, Divine Revelation, Exploring Meditation, Exploring Auras, Exploring Chakras, How to Hear the Voice of God, Ascension, Instant Healing, The Power of Auras, The Power of Chakras, Awaken Your Third Eye, Awaken Your Divine Intuition, Color Your Chakras, and Maharishi & Me.

Dr. Shumsky is a highly respected spiritual teacher, award-winning author, and founder of Divine Revelation®—a unique field-proven technology for contacting the divine presence, hearing and testing the inner voice, and receiving clear divine guidance. For 22 years, her mentor was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who was guru of the Beatles and guru of Deepak Chopra. Dr. Shumsky served on Maharishi’s personal staff for 7 years.

A sought-after media guest and highly acclaimed professional speaker, Dr. Shumsky has done over 600 speaking engagements and over 900 media appearances since her first book was published, including Woman’s World, GQ, Cosmopolitan, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, nationally syndicated TV and radio, Alan Colmes on FOX news, Coast to Coast AM with George Noory, and William Shatner’s Weird or What? She is featured in the movie Three Magic Words.

Her website is www.drsusan.org. Her itinerary and events are listed at www.susanshumsky.com.


New Page Press, by Susan Shumsky


In the new, revolutionary Exploring Auras, you will discover extraordinary breakthroughs about the human energy field that are simply unavailable anywhere else. Through this powerful, informative, practical book, you will discover, experience, cleanse, and strengthen your auric fields through simple methods that produce powerful results.
The ancient Greek word ”aura” means ”breath of air” – the vital energy that breathes life into your being. This subtle energy field, which permeates and envelops your body, is a multifaceted, multidimensional field of immense light, power, and energy.
The breath of air that gives you life also breathes life into the cosmos. Thus everything in the universe is filled and surrounded by auric fields that you can experience, measure, evaluate, cleanse, heal, restore, and strengthen.


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