Loft Design

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Both a primer and inspiration for home and business owners and designers, this hardworking guide will take loft design and decorating to new heights.

About the Author

Stone has been designing residential and commercial interiors for more than 20 years. She lives in Canada.

  • Publisher : Rockport Pub (November 1, 2003)
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Rockport Publishing, By Katherine Stone


If you think of lofts as urban oddities inhabited only by Soho artists, think again. Celebrity television host and loft expert Katherine Stone has been chronicling the rising popularity of lofts for years. In this hands-on book, she shares her wisdom and trade secrets with home and business owners everywhere.

Katherine Stone reveals how to transform spaces large and small into open, inviting, and practical areas for living comfortably and working well. From homes to offices to corporations, here are a range of innovative loft designs that achieve the intricate balance between practicality and aesthetic beauty. Stone reveals the inventive ideas that made these lofts spectacular sharing tips and techniques for everything from planning, ergonomic issues and decorating concerns to specifics such as lighting, scale, and space definition.



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