Quotes for Conservatives: Wit, Wisdom, and Insight from Conservatives throughout History

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This unique, up-to-date assemblage of quotes drawn from history’s rich conservative heritage is the ideal gift and resource for students, speechmakers, politicians, and anyone interested in great ideas and abiding truths.
The conservative tradition in America dates back to the nation’s Founding. In a time when conservatives find themselves under constant attack by self-righteous liberals, QUOTES FOR CONSERVATIVES celebrates enduring expressions of proven principles and core values.
Quotes for Conservatives includes quotations from eminent figures ranging from George Washington and Edmund Burke to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Rush Limbaugh. The book covers all the vital topics that concern conservatives: the deep state, immigration, taxes, capitalism, political correctness, religion, and much more. Garry Apgar has gathered all the wit, wisdom, and insight of these quotes into one classic collection illustrated with 22 lively line drawings.
Quotes for Conservatives is the perfect present for any proud right-thinking, freedom-loving conservative in your life.
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Publisher : Center Street

About the Author

Garry Apgar is an art historian and former cartoonist and journalist. He lives in Connecticut.


Garry Apgar has done a fine job selecting and illustrating this “game on” collection of freshly sourced quotations covering a wide-range of conservative, issue-driven political and cultural viewpoints. While useful as a reference, the book’s concise format lends itself to being read cover to cover. Most of the quotes come from leading conservative voices of the 21st century. Many entries and illustrations reflect the editor’s sense of humor and gift for satire.
Conservatives of all types will find solid material here for upping their political dialogue, while some may also find it useful as a political devotional. Readers who do not share the conservative viewpoint may be dismissive of some of the quotations but find others that will require them to improve their counterpoints. Consequently, the collection serves as a thought-prompter for those of all political persuasions and should improve the quality of future political debate.

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