The Super-Oxidant Diet

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As a personal chef, Robin has prepared meals for such celebrities as Paul McCartney, Peter Max, Mikhail Baryshnikov, and Seal. She credits Joel Fuhrman, MD, and Richard Couey, Ph.D. with much of her scientific nutritional education.

Robin compassionately guides people through the difficult transition from a stressed-out lifestyle with unhealthy eating habits to a transformed vibrant life. She weaves nutrition science, spirit-mind-body connection, and life coaching into her book and programs. She often teaches Vibrant Cuisine cooking instruction at the Whole Foods Culinary Center in Austin, Texas. Her mission is to help people recover the healthful ingredients for the recipe of vibrant life.


Hampton Roads Publishing, by Robin Jeep

About the author:


Robin Jeep, nutritional chef and wellness author shows how to turn life’s obstacles into advantages with the right recipe for vibrant life. She is the author of The Super Antioxidant Diet and Nutrition Guide and the creator of a new and delicious super antioxidant cuisine called Vibrant CuisineĀ®


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