The Weekend Millionaire Mindset

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In the tradition of Napoleon Hill’s hit Think and Grow RichThe Weekend Millionaire Mindset combines compelling biographical details with powerful, practical lessons. Packed with fascinating anecdotes taken from Summey and Dawson’s own lives and the lives of other millionaire entrepreneurs, this book will inspire, energize, and motivate while arming readers with practical advice and guidance on how to:

  • Evaluate and redirect their lives with an eye to becoming rich
  • Create a lifestyle of success
  • Set realistic goals and stick to them
  • Make the right decisions when faced with challenging learning experiences
  • Spot golden opportunities
  • Realize dreams through patience, practice, and persistence

With Mike Summey and Roger Dawson’s invaluable advice, readers can overcome their obstacles and find a personal path to wealth for a lifetime.


About the Author

Mike Summey, “The Weekend Millionaire,” earns more than $1 million a year from investment properties. He teaches the “Summey method” to thousands of people across the country.

Roger Dawson has been the president of one of California’s largest real estate investment companies, with 28 offices, 540 sales associates, and a sales volume of more than $400 million a year. As a full-time speaker since 1982, he has trained managers and salespeople at top companies and business associations throughout the world.


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McGraw Hill, by Mike Summey and Roger Dawson


Learn the secrets to wealth from “The Weekend Millionaire”

In their runaway bestseller The Weekend Millionaire’s Secrets to Investing in Real Estate, Mike Summey and Roger Dawson gave readers a blueprint for making a killing in real estate in their spare time. Now Summey and Dawson take readers inside the minds and hearts of super successful entrepreneurs, showing them how to think and act like winners and realize their dreams of financial freedom.


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