Travel Yoga

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Chronicle, By Darrin Zeer


Ease the aches, ease the pains, and ease on down the road. From the creator of the best-selling Office Yoga comes the ultimate guide for harried travelers and commuters. Taking the age-old practice of yoga and adapting it for our modern lives, author Darrin Zeer has compiled more than 50 techniques to help travelers relieve muscle tension, master the art of waiting, create hotel room harmony, blow off steam, and arrive revived. The removable guide in the back is especially useful for frequent fliers, outlining stretches perfectly suited for small spaces. Packed with playful illustrations by Frank Montagna, Travel Yoga offers a host of techniques guaranteed to soften any landing.

About the Author

Darrin Zeer spent seven years in Asia studying the Eastern arts of healing. An advocate for a more balanced workplace, he has appeared in Time, on NPR, and in hundreds of other media outlets. He lives in California.

Frank Montagna is a Los Angeles based illustrator whose work has appeared in New York Magazine, the Wall Street Journal, Cosmo Girl, Modern Bride, and several other publications and books.


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