Yoga Birthing

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I hope you find this book informative and useful for pregnancy and birth.  I offer online type support for Yoga Birth Method classes if you would like a one on one session to prepare for your birth.

I am offering readers a free PDF Labour Poster outlining the entire method to use during labor. Email us your purchase receipt to receive your free poster

–This text refers to the paperback edition.

About the Author

Dorothy Guerra, founder of The Yoga Birth Method is a prenatal yoga teacher and a registered birth coach (doula) in Toronto, Ontario Canada. Owner of Birth Yoga Studio, where she runs pregnancy classes, teaches the Yoga Birth Method to couples, and trains instructors. Her method is offered as a distance training course worldwide, certifying doulas, yoga teachers, and birth professionals. Guerra frequently speaks at conferences and hosts the television program Get Loud about Your Life in her home city of Toronto. She is also an advocate for women’s rights for safe birth in developing countries. Volunteering in rural Kenya, providing clean safe birth kits to women with limited medical access. For more visit




by Dorothy Guerra

Description: The only book for childbirth you will need. Email the author for your free PDF of the Yoga Birth Method Poster for Labor

Learn what happens in labor to you and your baby, and how to manage it with an eight-step yoga pathway. The Yoga Birth Method teaches you to work with your baby with a detailed, easy to follow the guide, outlining yoga breathing, postures, and mindful intentions for each stage of labor.

Demystifying the fear of birth during pregnancy, eliminating the worry of pain, and bringing mom and baby into a beautiful union through the entire birthing process.
This hands-on birthing book is a must-have for every woman before and during labor. Giving women the confidence to manage a natural birth with education and action tools.
The wisdom of yoga is applied throughout the stages of labor to create harmony between the mind-body and baby from start to finish.
The method covers the three trimesters of pregnancy and teaches women yoga poses, mantras, and breathing to maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare for birth.

Learn how to manage pain, eliminate anxiety, and encourage labor progression with breathing and meditation techniques, affirmations and yoga poses. Couples are encouraged to choose an outlined intention that becomes the focal point for embracing a calm state throughout the physical and emotional challenges of labor. You’ll also find guidance in drafting a birth plan, hands-on support techniques for birth partners, helpful illustrations, how to maneuver through medical interventions, and a “go-to” chapter to use with detailed advice for breathing and postures for all stages of labor when the big day arrives.



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