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Author Submission Guidelines and Policy

We will consider unsolicited submissions and following these submission guidelines is helpful. Please send us a letter pitching us about why we should speculate our time to read your entire proposal or manuscript. You may either email the letter to:

or send by regular mail to:

The Jeff Herman Agency
PO Box 1522
Stockbridge, MA 01262


We provide no guarantees about when we will respond. In the event we “reject” your submission, we might not respond if no SASE is provided for that purpose. We do not request exclusive consideration.

Submission Guidelines

With few exceptions, we are a non-fiction agency. Specific areas of interest include:

  • How to/self help
  • True crime
  • Parenting
  • Business
  • Health
  • History
  • Narrative non-fiction
  • Memoir
  • Psychology
  • Practical Spirituality
  • Multi-cultural subjects
  • Reference

We look for books that fill gaps in what is already on the shelves. When choosing a topic you need to look beyond what interests you to determine if it will interest any one else. You are asking us as agents to vouch for you, the quality of your work and the potential for book sales. In turn we will be asking an editor/publisher to spend money to obtain, produce and distribute your book to the marketplace. This is a calculated business decision by both the agency and the book publisher. If you want to compete for those coveted spots on a publisher’s list you need to learn your craft as well as the business side of things.