Getting a Life with Aspergers: Lessons Learned on the Bumpy Road to Adulthood

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Among his Asperger’s Rules are:

Clean Up Your Own Mess (including but not limited to credit card debt, out-of-control collections, and your cesspool of a room)
You Can’t Bail Out the Titanic with a Wine Glass (or change the world of online dating)
Serving as a Role Model to the Next Generation of Asperger’s Syndrome
Navigating the challenges of college and the unrelenting storm of transition.
The Road to Catastrophe is Paved with Good Intentions (understanding how others perceive you, even if they’re wrong)
WIN (Work Is Necessary) You are talented enough to maintain employment even if your options are not ideal
Confronting Memories of Bullying and Showing Mercy toward Yourself 

Heartfelt, insightful, and generous, this book will enlighten and inform readers, whether they are on the autism spectrum or not.


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by Jesse Saperstein


Hard-won insights on transitioning into adulthood 

Author, speaker, and autism advocate Jesse A. Saperstein knows a lot about living with Asperger’s. Diagnosed at the age of 14, Jesse has struggled, triumphed, flubbed, soared, educated, and inspired. Along the road to adulthood, he has learned many lessons the hard way. In this honest and engaging book, he offers a guided tour of what he’s learned about getting along with others, managing emotions, succeeding in school and work, building relationships, and more.



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