Now I’m A Mac (How To Make Your Pc Mac Compatible)

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Discover how to:

  • Find your inner Mac-Choose the best, most productive Mac for you and your business
  • Get up and running right away-Quickly and easily transfer crucial PC data, files, and folder; and connect external tools and devices
  • Save time and avoid troubleshooting-Master essential differences between PC and Macs, and learn key commands, common mistakes to avoid, and other priceless Mac tips
  • Efficiently run your business-Customize your computer for your business and personal use with the latest applications and tools including Mac OS X Leopard and Microsoft Office
  • Keep your business on the cutting edge-Learn about the 14 most popular Mac software applications among businesses, and access dozens of Mac and computer resources

Don’t begin your journey into the user-friendly world of Mac without this business-friendly guide!

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Jason R. Rich is the bestselling author of more than 37 books covering a wide range of topics, including computers, ecommerce, personal finance, career-related topics, and travel and entertainment. He also contributes regularly to major daily newspapers, including the New York Daily News, as well as national magazines and popular websites.

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Successfully Move Your Business to the Mac

Mac envy, interest in a new platform, or you’re just plain fed up with your PC-no matter your excuse for joining the growing Apple family, switching your business from PC to Mac is much easier than you think.

Regardless of your technical expertise, we’ll show you step by step how to quickly and effortlessly crossover into the Mac world- with no productivity loss or capability problems. Whether you’re a Mac newbie, a dedicated PC user or a self-proclaimed computer dummy, our computer experts and enthusiasts offer the instruction and answers you’re looking for. Learn how to choose the best model-MacBook or IMac-for your business, transfer critical data, grasp key differences, use the latest tools and applications Mac has become known for, and so much more!


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