Christmas Sucks

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I never planned on being an author. When I was pregnant, I was amazed there wasn’t a book that warned women how sucky the path to procreation could be, so I wrote one, sent it out to a handful of publishers, and was lucky enough to get it published! It became a best-seller and led to a dozen other titles in the “Sucks” book series, plus TV appearances including the Today show, tons of radio interviews, and magazine articles. I just finished my first fiction work, “Finding Paris: A Novel”, fulfilling my need to travel while locked in the COVID cesspool of Los Angeles. If you’re looking for a book about Paris full of adventure, female friendship, romance, and pastry classes, I hope you give it a read.

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Adams Media, by Joanne Kimes


These days, Christmas lights adorn front porches before the Thanksgiving turkey is even in the oven. Plane tickets to visit hardly-missed relatives cost more than the suitcase full of presents people have to lug across the country. And radios everywhere play songs about that fat guy in a red suit on an endless loop. Yes, it’s official: Christmas Sucks. This title is a humorous look at America’s commercialization of the Christmas holiday season and the terrible travel, inordinate amount of preparation, and family strife that accompanies it. You can commiserate with the fact that everyone drives themselves into debt buying gifts, no one enjoys seeing long-lost relatives, and everyone is creeped out by the department store Santa. With twelve days of Christmas, there’s plenty of reasons why this is far from the most wonderful time of the year.


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