Transformational Speaking: If You Want To Change The World, Tell A Better Story

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This book will show you how to express the full range of the magnificence within you as you learn to tell a better story—one that uplifts and changes the world, one life at a time—and step into your destiny as a transformational speaker.

“Gail Larsen’s wise book will help anyone tap into the remarkable power of story, transforming not just the listener but the storyteller as well. In our changing world … these lessons are vital.” —Larry Dossey, MD, author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

About the Author

Gail Larsen, the founder of Real Speaking, has been a speaking coach and consultant to professional and aspiring speakers in both the business and non-profit worlds since 1986. A U.S. Small Business Administration award-winning entrepreneur, she is also a former executive vice president of the worldwide National Speakers Association. In addition to offering programs on Whidbey Island, WA, and in Santa Fe, NM, she teaches at Hollyhock Retreat Centre in British Columbia. Learn more at

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Ten Speed Press

by Gail Larsen


Each of us—including you—has the capacity
to deliver a powerful and inspiring message when we
go deep enough to find what is ours to say.

Our transformational times call not for polished professionals and students of technique but for authentic communicators passionately committed to healthy people, healthy communities, and a healthy planet. The times call for transformational speaking.

Designed expressly for agents of change and visionary messengers from all walks of life, this book dispels the myths of great speaking and reveals the surprising source of your power to catalyze audiences for personal and planetary change.

Journey with Gail Larsen to discover your “original medicine,” identify the core message you were born to deliver, and access the “Home Zone” that enables you to offer it to the world. Learn the four most powerful methods to refine your speaking, and unlock the secret to managing energy dynamics to maintain the high vibration required for the work of change.


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